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"He turned around and his friend was there."

Translation:Chas sé timpeall agus bhí a chara ann.

January 2, 2015



Why is "bhí" used for "was" instead of "raibh"?



The past tense of the verb is bhí
bhí mé - "I was"
bhí tú - "you were"
bhí sé - "he was"
bhí sí - "she was"
bhíomar - "we were"
bhí sibh - "you were"
bhí siad - "they were"

raibh is the dependent form - it is used after verbal particles such as an, and go.


Is there any difference between ann and ansin?


ann can be used for existence, like An bhfuil dia ann? (Is there a God?). When it comes to place, both are synonyms, though ansin is more regularly used if you know where the place is. Scilling had good links to a discussion about it, but I couldn't find them; maybe they still have them.


Yes I am. Thank you for linking it.


One past discussion on ann vs. ansin can be found here.

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