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words omitted

Is it possible that some words listed in the lesson are not mentioned at all when I do the lesson? I have just done "strengthen skills", and there were some completely new words and expressions in it. Then I checked the lesson, and they were really in the list, but when I was doing the lesson, they were omitted.

January 2, 2015



As a former contributor for the English-French/French-English courses, there are bugs in the programming.

The are a handful of lessons that don't teach words, even though the lesson is populated with those words and sentences in the incubator. The one that pops to mind is a lesson for Animals skill in the French for English speakers course. The lesson only teaches about 3 or 4 animals, but there are 7 animals listed for the lesson description. I triple checked the incubator (at the time this was pointed out to me), and so did another contributor. The animals are there, the sentences are there. Despite several of us trying the lesson in the course, nobody could get the missing animals to pop up (getting things right or wrong didn't make a difference).

The ONLY time we would see them was when we did strengthening exercises for the Animal skill.
When this was discussed last (I'll see if I can find the post), it was mentioned that this occurs in other language courses as well (I believe Italian was one of them).


The original one I was talking about - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4653030
A subsequent one - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5088829

The glitch report I submitted was 3 months ago. I just left the incubator recently, and as of yet had not heard of it being fixed. As you're encountering the issue too, I imagine it isn't fixed.


So the solution is then doing the strengthening exercises right after the lesson. OK. Do you happen to know if it is also a bug that when I do the strengthening exercises for a bigger section (e.g. all basics) , instead of revising as many words as possible only a few of them pop up and are repeated in almost every sentence? What's more in languages where verbs are conjugated (I'm doing Portuguese as well), different verb forms count as different words. It slows down things unnecessarily.


I'm sorry. I have no idea as to the design of the program and if the global strengthening is supposed to focus only on x amount of words each time, or if it is supposed to cram in as much as possible. I'd hazard a guess and say you would have to speak to one of the programmers to get a definitive answer.

Also, we only came across the words when we strengthened the skill, not the lesson (just to avoid any confusion, but we are probably talking about the same thing). If the issue is in lesson 3 of the Food skill, redoing lesson 3 as practice won't change anything. You have to finish the skill (let's say there are 6 lessons, you need to finish them all) and then do the timed or un-timed practice. Again, I'm sure that's what you were talking about, but for the sake of clarity in case anyone else reads this.


This happens when you complete a lesson/skill with a few or without any mistake.


Do you mean I have to make mistakes if I want to learn all the words listed there? Great! :)


If you get "en familj" 3-4 times in a lesson, you will most likely skip a few words. :D


I will have to try to get 'en familj' wrong every time to see what happens :)


Haha, who knows, it is a magical one. :D

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