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New Languages

I know that there has been a lot of talk about allowing certain people or duolingo to create new languages. I would really be interested in learning the details and the thoughts behind creating more languages. Duolingo is a great resource and guide to becoming multi-lingual. I would be interested in learning Dutch, Japanese and Chinese. But of course I know this will take time and a lot of effort. Is there any information about any new languages or updates?

July 22, 2013



The top two languages on my list are Russian and Japanese.


I think there should just be one thread for this. Can someone sticky one somehow?? I'm so sick of reading about this (i know it is my fault for clicking on all these threads in the first place). It seems like the Duolingo staff have to keep repeating themselves too. When it happens it will be a huge thing and you will definitely hear about it. I don't think there is any news apart from they are working on it.


Exactly, now we should ask when they will make stickys !


The primary purpose of a thread is to give feedback to the developers of duolingo and to share your ideas with the public. Obviously, if several people are continuously posting this then it is a popular idea and something that many users are interested in having.


Wow thanks! Sounds like it is definitely something we can look forward to learning :) Thanks again :)


Those comments seem outdated as Chinese was supposed to be introduced last year. More recent comments by Luis and Kristine suggest that they have stopped developing languages to focus on the community language tools.


Ok thanks. Good to know ;)

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