"Flickan går framför pojken."

Translation:The girl is walking in front of the boy.

January 2, 2015

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Can someone please explain to me when to use "före" or "framför"? Tack! :)


Use före for before in time, and framför for before in space.


Hi. I believe "före" means before, while "framför" is in front of. I am a beginner in Swedish just like you, so I may be wrong, but that is what I have read over the Internet. Cheers!


Hej, kan någon förklarar skillnaden mellan före och framför? tack!


Does this sentence also translate to "The girl goes before the boy?" or is that incorrect? Tack!


I just found from the next lesson out that "före" means before. So framför is not före right? Tack!


Is går used to determine location? e.g in English we would say "this book goes on the table". Is there a similiar usage here?


In some constructions, it might. "Går före" can mean "takes precedence", for example. Another use is to match things, like clothes: "den där tröjan går bra ihop med dina byxor".


Doesn't "the girl goes before the boy" have the same meaning?


Yes, that sentence can mean the same thing. I used it, and it accepted the answer that way. However, "goes" is slightly ambiguous here in a way "walks" is not. It could mean other things.


I also thought this meant "goes." What would be a more specific word for 'walks?'


When directly translating 'framför' it comes up with 'espicially'. When går is added before it, it comes up as walking in front. What is the reason for this change and what other context is framför used in?


I don't see any other hint on framför than in front of, so I'm not sure what you mean. I wish I could see a screenshot of what you're seeing.


Oh sorry, I use google translate in conjuntion with learning on Duolingo incase there are any words I want to know because I don't have a dictionary yet. Not sure how reliable it is, but I was a bit confused. Thanks


There's an adverb framförallt which means above all, maybe that's what causing it? (we're not teaching that word in the course though).


Would this work if I wanted to complain about someone walking (slowly) right in front of me?


Can we also write it as "Framför pojken går flcikan" ?


Does anyone know if 'The girl walks before the boy" is a correct translation? It wasn't accepted

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