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"Han elsker at køre i meget hurtige racerbiler."

Translation:He loves to drive in very fast race cars.

January 2, 2015



"Racing cars" should be accepted, as this is what they are commonly called in the U.K.


How can I know that "meget" refers to "huritge" and not "racerbiler"? I thought there are many race cars which are fast instead of race cars which are very fast


The difference is between "meget = very", and "mange = many".

"Many fast race cars" translates as "Mange hurtige racebiler".


Hurtige = hurry/fast?


Udtaler den mandlige person "racerbiler" på den rigtige mode?


I would drive a car or drive in a city, but I wouldn't drive in a car.


Race cars sounds American, which is fine; but why does Duo tell me I'm wrong by writing 'racing cars'?


Does køre necessarily mean drive (being in de driver seat), or can it also mean ride (being a passenger)?


Normally it means sitting in the driver's seat, but I have personally travelled to work every day for many years, in a regional bus, and many times people have asked me if I "kører til arbejde med bus". If it is wrong, it is very relaxed because people do use it this way.

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