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  5. "A woman."

"A woman."

Translation:En kvinde.

January 2, 2015



So, En is 'a' as well as 'one'?


Yep, and also Et (When counting or doing math, you can use both en and et). Though, you can also put an extra emphasis on either en or et (written as én and ét), to indicate the number one. Example:

En kvinde = A woman

Én kvinde = One woman


When do you add the "en" to the end and when does it stay at he beginning? eg En Kvinde BUT vandet. Does feminine and masculine have something to do with it? thanks :)


No, gender has no effect on the positioning of the article, only the article itself. Though Danish is broken into "common" (en) and "neuter" (et) genders rather than "masculine" and "feminine". The context is always what decides the position. For example:

en kvinde = a woman
kvinden = the woman et hus = a house
huset = the house

When saying "the" in Danish, the article goes at the end of the word (unless there's an adjective before the noun. When saying "the [adjective] [noun]" the adjective will always been in its e-form.

huset = the house
det store hus = the big house
huset er stort = the house is big
et stort hus = a big house


what a clear answer thanks!


You're really helpful, thanks.

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