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  5. "Ik weet het zeker."

"Ik weet het zeker."

Translation:I am sure.

January 2, 2015



Is ik ben zeker also possible?


Is 'I know it for certain' actually incorrect or should I report it?


You should report it. "I know it for sure." was accepted.


I think this is " i know for sure" not i am sure.


"I surely know it" is also incorrect, even though I thought it would be correct. Why can you say "het" in dutch, but in this case "it" is not good for the english translation.


'Het' is fine in this sentence for 'it', just not always necessary in English - using 'it' in the translation works for me in the sentence 'I know it for certain', so I think you should probably report it, or wait for a reply from a moderator...


To say "I surely know it" sounds more like a question to me.. it sounds to weird to use surely in this way


I know it clearly = correct?


I don't know why people give you downvotes. Anyway, it seems clearly is not the appropriate translation of zeker. I suggest certainly or surely as the translation. However, I am not sure about that. It would be better if we wait any moderator giving a comment here


"Clearly" would imply that it is obvious (either to others or to yourself) that you know it.

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