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  5. "Jag vill leva i Europa."

"Jag vill leva i Europa."

Translation:I want to live in Europe.

January 2, 2015



Should not this be Jag vill bo i Europa. And if not, what does this sentence actually mean.


The litteral translation is "Jag vill leva i Europa", but your translation is not wrong. You can translate live as both "leva" and "bo" in this sentence, but "bo" is the prefered verb in this context (refering to a place where you want to live). Saying "jag vill leva i Europa" might sound lyrical or poetic in normal conversation.

When not refering to a place "leva" would be more accurate, e.g.: "Han vill leva ensam"- He wants to live alone


Okej. Tack så mycket.


I hope someone else will answer the question, I'll just add a link to the song this is taken from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBjVYNHaGaU


Thank you for the link. I have to say that I found the way Mr. Hammarlund pronounces Swedish really easy to understand! I like Kent (pretty much the only Swedish band I know that sings in Swedish) and I have to read the lyrics while I listen to them to make some sense about what is going on!


My heartfelt thanks for this link. I googled the lyrics.


Jag vill leva i Norden! "Ja, jag vill leva / jag vill dö i Norden" :-)


I came to the comments section specifically to see this. Tack så mycket!


So "leva" is living in a physical place and "bo" is living in the more general sense?


Leva is the state of being alive. Bo is to reside


Tack så mycket!

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