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  5. "Jag vill leva i Europa."

"Jag vill leva i Europa."

Translation:I want to live in Europe.

January 2, 2015



Should not this be Jag vill bo i Europa. And if not, what does this sentence actually mean.


The litteral translation is "Jag vill leva i Europa", but your translation is not wrong. You can translate live as both "leva" and "bo" in this sentence, but "bo" is the prefered verb in this context (refering to a place where you want to live). Saying "jag vill leva i Europa" might sound lyrical or poetic in normal conversation.

When not refering to a place "leva" would be more accurate, e.g.: "Han vill leva ensam"- He wants to live alone


Okej. Tack så mycket.


I hope someone else will answer the question, I'll just add a link to the song this is taken from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBjVYNHaGaU


Thank you for the link. I have to say that I found the way Mr. Hammarlund pronounces Swedish really easy to understand! I like Kent (pretty much the only Swedish band I know that sings in Swedish) and I have to read the lyrics while I listen to them to make some sense about what is going on!


My heartfelt thanks for this link. I googled the lyrics.


I met Jan Hammarlund a couple of years ago in Spain. He was there for a commemoration to the International Brigades and to sing some songs from the Spanish Civil War. Ofcourse he also did a version of the song you posted. It brought back good memories, Jan is one of the kindest and most friendly people I´ve ever met..!


Jag vill leva i Norden! "Ja, jag vill leva / jag vill dö i Norden" :-)


I came to the comments section specifically to see this. Tack så mycket!


So "leva" is living in a physical place and "bo" is living in the more general sense?


Leva is the state of being alive. Bo is to reside


Tack så mycket!


How do Swedes call the rest of Europe? I mean that Sweden separated from the major part of Europe like the UK.

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