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"Vi började skratta samtidigt."

Translation:We started to laugh at the same time.

January 2, 2015



Darn it! I knew this word would come up, and I just cannot spell simultaneously at all!


Worse than that: I have been pronouncing it 'simuNtaneously' all these years sobs


I'm debating mentally whether I should ask that 'together' be added... it's common to say together and mean simultaneously from experience, and simultaneous laughter does imply togetherness, but they are separate words for a reason...


A terribly late reply, but we have the same distinction in Swedish (samtidigt/tillsammans), so I don't think it should be added. They're not interchangeable enough to me.


I agree to "start together" implies that you did it at the same time.


why not "att skratta"?


In this case, att is actually optional, so it does work.

Edit one month later: And now I'm a moderator, so I've added it. :)


I was presented with 'very' in the word choice .. so I was tricked into using it: at the very same time. Google Translate ignores very and just gives me samtidigt. So is it 'helt samtidigt' if you want to put in very?


I'd probably use exakt samtidigt or precis samtidigt.

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