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The 250k milestone!

Looking at the Incubator, it seems this landmark will be reached at some point over the weekend, and there seems to be a fairly even division between native Irish and diaspora learners judging by the forum comments. Of course, Irish will always be more niche than French or Spanish, but could the course achieve one million learners roughly this time next year?

January 2, 2015



It would be interesting if we could get some other statistics for the course, like the average number of completed lessons, or the number of people who've passed the 1st/2nd/etc. checkpoint.


That's honestly what I'm more interested in. How many people are using it on a daily basis? A weekly one? As far as I know, number of learners is just the number of people who completed one lesson; they don't have to be active, just have done one lesson (or maybe reached level 1).


That would depend on so many things, like if millions more people decided to start playing duolingo, or if schools started bringing it in to classes or a load of Americans deciding to discover their heritage. Compared to the numbers of Portuguese or Dutch learners, and how they've grown, it probably wouldn't. Then again, its probably better that a few people improve or learn a decent standard of Irish than a million people knowing the auld "cúpla focail." But it would be lovely to see that many people taking an interest in the language(:

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We're at 251k right now. Which means it's jumped by over a thousand in just the last 6-ish hours.


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