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  5. "Mijn broer is verdediger."

"Mijn broer is verdediger."

Translation:My brother is a defender.

January 2, 2015



is this a defender specifically in the realm of soccer or any general person who defends


Specifically in the realm of soccer, although if the context points towards war or people being treated unjustly, it could have a more general meaning.


The realm of sport, soccer is not the only sport with defenders/verdedigers.


Yeah, that's true. Good point.


Can someone explain me why the English sentence requires the "a" while the dutch one does not need that "een"?


Actually, it isn't wrong when you say 'een', it's both correct. Maybe without 'een' it's slightly more definite. Like you would be watching the game and you'd say to someone there 'mijn broer is verdediger (of this team)' and when you'd be at school taking about your brother 'mijn broer is een verdediger' is more general, could be of any team. But really, it doesn't matter. it's kind of an unwritten rule, maybe other dutch people don't even see it this way and I'm just over thinking this.


In English you need indefinite acticle "a" because you describe someone/something belonging to a group.

My brother is a teacher/defender/monkey/.

In Dutch it is not necessary (as I have learned).


Is this equivalent to "plays defense", or how would that be said?


Why "a null defender"?


Een verdediger and de verdediger carry very different meanings. How do we know which it is in this context?

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