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  5. "Tu comes tua sopa."

"Tu comes tua sopa."

Translation:You eat your soup.

January 2, 2015



I did the full course about half a year ago and don't remember encountering a lot of "tu" forms. Is this new?


No. this is a old form. "Você come a sua sopa" is the usual form. Remembering that the pronouns "você" is conjugate as third person. Eu como - I eat Tu comes - you eat (Você come) - you eat Ela come - she eats


so voce come but tu comes? is tu you plural?


No. it's singular...and is commonly used in some parts of Brazil.


i thought we "drink" soup, not "eat" it


In Brazil we use both.


so what's the difference in voce - you and tu - you? why does it change the verb from come to comes? is it plural you like 'you all/y'all"? if tu is "old", why or when would we use it? or ... is it regional? as in those down south, closer to Spanish speaking countries, crossover of language and using Portugnol?? cheers

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