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"Mijn mening is belangrijker dan jouw mening."

Translation:My opinion is more important than your opinion.

January 2, 2015



Said every religious person to people with different opinions


not only religious, people that have an ideology are even worst!


Well I would argue religion is one kind of ideology, so yes, other ideologies too.


Ik schreeuw luider dus daarom ben ik niet verkeerd! Politiek... Iedereen houdt van politiek.


As a general statement I do not agree. But if someone gave me unsolicited and unwanted advice on my way of life I would certainly insist that my opinion is more important.


If a native Dutch person tells me one thing about grammar, and someone who just started the Duolingo course tells me something else, then I know whose opinion is more important. And that goes for all kinds of experts, of course.

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