Blue Books

What are there little blue spiral books with numbers on that that are appearing on lessons I've already completed?

July 23, 2013


They mean that you have new lessons in those sections. This happens when they update the trees.

So as you progress throug the tree, old sections open up more lessons?

Duo redid the Spanish (and I think German) trees recently and added more lessons to some of the sections. New lessons do not open up in previously-completed sections as you progress through the tree in the general course of things. (Although if you go back and practice old lessons, Duo incorporates the new tenses/vocab that you've learned into the practice sessions, so you use the old vocabulary in new sentences and in new ways).

Awesome! thanks. I have had a busy month or so and really haven't been on here so I must of missed it. It looks like I have a lot of catching up to do! Let me ask you a question, at level 17, how well can you hear Spanish on the Radio and on TV?

I understand probably 70-95% percent, depending on the topic being discussed and my familiarity with it and the related vocabulary, and TV is easier to understand than the radio because there's visual cues. But I do things outside of Duo (read, write, watch TV, listen to music) and I took some Spanish in college before starting Duo. I went through the Spanish tree here mostly as a refresher/vocab expander and to see how the site worked before I started a language from scratch (Portuguese).

Roger that. I actually started with more knowledge of Portuguese (from having Brazilian friends) but it was limited and 10 years old. I started learning Spanish over a year ago. it might even be over a year and a half. I'm in the AF and i've had access to all sorts of programs. I go hot and cold with this stuff so I have stretches with no studying. I'm starting to hear bits and pieces on the radio and on TV. When I'm out I can often understand Spanish people when there communicating about something but in in a conversational sense. Like when the movers where at my house and they would talk about moving something, i could understand. This is my favorite program and it's good to know what I have to look forward too! Thanks for the info!

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