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"In with the new and out with the old!"

Translation:In med det nya och ut med det gamla!

January 2, 2015



why is it "det + undefinite form" instead of "definite form" ?

In other words why isn't it "in med nytt och ut med gamlat" ?

Maybe cause these are adjective without substantive-noun form ?


Why is "in" used here? I used to be "i" everywhere else.


Why wouldn't de nya work?


Isn't this sentence in reverse order? I've only ever heard 'out with the old and in with the new' :-/


It sure would be more practical to do it that way. (I wish the passengers in the Stockholm subway were aware of this fact).


I mean it is a... perhaps not a proverb, but similar.


Well yes, except this new voice recording (7 October 2020). The voice is very stilted esp in the slow recordings. I appreciate the fact Duo Swedish retains a single voice throughout the course, but not sure the new voice improves on the (few) problems of the old one.

"In med det gamla och ut med det nya"

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