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ME = Level 2 Italian learner working on spelling. How do I type the L accent for l (accent) acqua?

as an example.

this is what I see on the screen and it's not clear to me which would be right and trying several keeps getting me dinged as a wrong answer.


↑ À Á È É Ì Í Ò Ó Ù Ú


↓ à á è é ì í ò ó ù ú

First it looks like these are i's and not L's and then second neither version of this with accent works.

I am sure it's a learning curve challenge - what's the right answer here?


January 3, 2015



It's just an apostrophe, like you use to write contractions! "L'acqua"


Just on my own sweet keyboard then? Well, I feel dumb and better now. THANKS

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