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  5. Duo Owl ate my progress quiz!


Duo Owl ate my progress quiz!

I just tried to take the progress quiz in Irish, and the quiz started to load but then immediately returned me to the home page with the tree. I went back to the lingot store, and clicked the green take progress quiz button and the same thing happened. I tried a third time, and this time the lingot store asked me to buy another progress quiz even though I was not able to take it the first time.

I do not have any internet connectivity issues. I use updated chrome for Mac and I have not had any issues with progress quizzes in the past. I am disappointed. I try to take the quizzes every month. It's not that I am short on lingots, but I am not eager to waste more lingots if the quiz is having issues. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? Is there anything I can do to fix whatever the problem is? Thanks!

January 3, 2015



Wow, thank you to the people/person who gave me all those lingots! I do not deserve them but it was very sweet, and now when I think of progress quizzes instead of getting frustrated at Duo Owl's one little mistake, I will think of how wonderful the people on duolingo are!


That person is really nice :)

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