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  5. "We turn right at the museum."

"We turn right at the museum."

Translation:Wij slaan rechtsaf bij het museum.

January 3, 2015



slaan rechts, slaan rechtsaf, but not afslaan rechts? can someone explain why the third is not correct? Thanks :)

  • slaan = to hit
  • afslaan = to turn (in the sense of turn left/turn right)
  • draaien = to turn/to spin

Only the second one you mention is correct, the first one is about hitting, not about directions. The third one is not correct because afslaan is a separable verb, so the af part of the verb moves to the end. The fact that af is not a separate word, but linked to rechts is specific to this verb, see more explanation here (in Dutch).


But know the following seems to be accepted - with no af?

"Wij slaan rechts bij het museum."


That is an error and is fixed now.


Misschien "Wij slaan rechts bij het museum af" ? Is dit correct ?


would it be possible to say, we rechts afslaan bij het museum?


Alright, I put bij het museum, then checked the hint for at to make sure I had it right. The hint said that "at the museum" is "in het museum," so, against my better judgment, I changed bij to in. Guess what? It was wrong. Thanks for the advice, Duo!

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