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  5. "The cape is orange."

"The cape is orange."

Translation:A capa é laranja.

July 23, 2013



I take it there is no difference between orange the fruit and orange the color? Sorry, lots of portuñol questions over here.


Yes, there is no difference really... :)


Fun fact: Portugal means orange in several languages like Farsi and I think some eastern european languages


You said it; there is no difference between orange the fruit and orange the color in english either


But it clearly doesn't apply to all languages. The majority of the languages I speak have separate words for the colour and the fruit.


why are there so many questions about capes? when am I ever going to talk about capes in real life?


I've been to Brazil and Portugal a few times, and never noticed the popularity of capes as an article of clothing. Meanwhile, it would be VERY useful to have things like shorts and bathing suit included in the vocab set. :)

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