"A wolf"

Translation:En varg

January 3, 2015

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Someone knows if there is also the word "ulv" in swedish? Maybe some variation? (I heard a swedish song with ulv in it :) )


Yes, but it's rarely used. There is also the men's name Ulf that comes from "ulv".


Yes! I like the nordic way of giving animals names to people. I wonder if it's still common there or if it's percieved as an ancient thing and it's been slowly abandoned. Do you know that?


I wouldn't really call it a Nordic thing. It's just Björn and Ulf that happen to have animal names, really. And Paul Anka, I suppose, but he's not Swedish. :p


What about Varg Vikernes? (He is norwegian though)


Do you, by any chance, mean "Varulven", the ballad?


No, I meant Rivfader from Finntroll! I don't know why, but they use strange swedish words, like "sky" (pronounced as swedish kinda like sju) for "sky", or "lyser" instead of "ljuser".


Pronounced var-ee, correct?


No, it's /varj/


So var-y-j with the j being slight at the end?


What do you mean with a slight J?


A slight english j or I guess g I mean... like this http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/varg


No, the swedish 'j' is an approximant like the english 'y'


I am new to swedish and find it impossible to differentiate ett and en. In the prompts they seem to be synonymous yet fail if used at all times for each other. What is the rule if any?


My married name is Varg :) Also spelled Warg. The letters V and W are pronounced the same way in Swedish and are considered to be the same letter. There are two strains of the Varg family in Sweden - one hailing from the north of Sweden and one from the central area. My husband is from the North. Sweden's own Mrs Beeton was a woman called Cajsa Warg. She us famous for her Cook Book. She was born in the 18th century and came from Örebro (where we now live)


Thats amazing to know thanks for being smart och har en bra dag

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