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  5. "Cé hé do dhlíodóir?"

" do dhlíodóir?"

Translation:Who is your lawyer?

January 3, 2015



Looks like they found the man in the fridge!


Would a direct translation be "Who is he, your lawyer"? The verb is missing because it's understood to be "is", and é becomes hé because the word follows "Cé", which ends in a vowel, right?


Yes, that would be a good direct translation. (Another possibility would be “Who is it, your lawyer?”.) The missing verb is indeed the copula is. É receives a prefixed H because it’s a pronoun that starts with a vowel and directly follows ; the same would apply to a pronoun that starts with a vowel and directly follows or le.


I really love how "dildoir" looks similar to "dildo". And it means lawyer. The pronunciation is different of course, but it still inadvertently worked to help me remember dildoir = lawyer. God bless the old language.


Except you switched the "l" and the "i" and removed the first "o" (not to mention the fadas), making it far removed from the actual spelling -- dlíodóir -- which looks nothing like "dildo".


Where do you get the pronunciation? This language seems not to feature but very few pronunciations?


Wait, so laywer is "dliodoir"? how is this supposed to be pronounced properly?


Is that 'dh' pronounced as a 'y' or as in dhún?


It’s a slender dh, so it’s pronounced like an English Y.

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