"I wish for a dog."

Translation:Jag önskar mig en hund.

January 3, 2015



So it is: Jag önskar mig Du önskar dig Hon or Han önskar sig (is this correct?)

February 16, 2015


Yep! Have a lingot or three for getting it right.

February 16, 2015


This is possibly my biggest and proudest success ever! Hooray!!!!

Also, thanks Zmrzlina!

February 16, 2015


Why is it "önskar mig" instead of "önskar på?" Does anyone have a good source to explain this rule?

January 3, 2015


To make a wish is simply önska sig, a reflexive verb. Önska på does not make any sense.

January 3, 2015


Am I right in thinking that if I wished for you to have a dog, that would be Jag önskar dig en hund?

June 7, 2015


No, that doesn’t make sense. It’s a reflexive verb, so the reflexive pronoun sig refers back to the subject. So it’s ”jag önskar mig”, ”du önskar dig”, ”han önskar sig” etc. It’s like English ”to kid oneself” or ”to kill oneself” or similar. Your example would be like saying ”I’m kidding yourself.”

June 7, 2015


So would Shriken's sentence be something like: "Jag önskar mig en hund på dig."?
(I'm not sure "på" is the right preposition here.)

March 24, 2016


Jag önskar att du får en hund or Jag önskar att du ska få en hund would work. Your suggestion with doesn't work and neither does what katya575 said.

May 29, 2016


I think it would be better if it will this: 'Jag önskar mig en hund för dig'.

April 12, 2016


What is the difference between "vill" and "önskar"?

June 23, 2016


Att vilja ( jag vill) = To want (I want)

Att önska (jag önskar) = To wish (I wish)

(Att vilja) is an irregular verb

July 28, 2016


oh thanks! it is clearer now

August 10, 2016


One of the choices is "Jag önskar oss en hund.", would that be something like "I wish for us to get a dog", or is there a better way to say the latter?

June 10, 2017


I think that's just a nonsensical answer. In keeping with Arnauti's explanation above, it would be Jag önskar att vi får en hund.

June 11, 2017


So "I wish I had a dog" would be "Jag onskar att jag hade en hund"?

August 6, 2017


am I getting it right that the grammatical structure here is the same as in German? han önskar sig X - er wünscht sich X (I'm native German btw, it is easier to learn for me like that)

June 27, 2018


Why is "mig" needed here?

September 27, 2016


Read the above discussion!

February 16, 2017
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