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"Normalement, le professeur parle le premier."

Translation:Normally, the teacher speaks first.

January 3, 2015



It seems simple enough to remember to use "le premier" when saying that one speaks first, but I'm just curious about why "le" is needed for "le premier". Is "premier" allowed to stand alone when you use it for this?


I'm wondering this too. Maybe, when you add "le" before, "premier" turns into an adverb? Lit. The teacher speaks firstly


No ,it means that the teacher is the first person who speaks.In one of my grammar books ,in the section of the definite article(le,la,l',les),it says that when someone does something first(premier) or last(dernier) we say "le premier /le dernier".For example "Anne est arrivée la première chez Marc" means that Anna arrived first at Mark's house.That has the meaning "she was the first to arrive",so "la première" there is an adjective,not an adverb.If it was the adverb "firstly" then the equivalent in french would be "premièrement" or "tout d'abord" and it would be at the start of the sentence.The meaning would be completely different though and would need more context to stand as a phrase.If for example you wanted to say "Firstly ,she arrived at Mark's house.",then you would have to say something else that happened next("Afterwards,she....").In that case you would say "Tout d'abord, elle est arrivée chez Marc".("Après,elle...")I hope that my explaining is helpful and not confusing!


your explanation is so thorough and makes good sense. I have given you a lingot for a thank you for your time and your effort.


usually, the teacher is the first to speak?


Where is the verb 'être' in the above sentence??


Not sure if you mean in the English sentence or the French one. In English it is "is".


le premier is an adv here? how to explain the meaning of "first"


Are you asking what it means in English? Sorry I didn't quite understand the question.


i wonder "le premier" is an [adverb phrase] here to mean first?


Ah okay, yes you are correct. Le premier is an adverb meaning 'first'. :)


What is the problem with at first reading as le premier? They aren't the same meaning?


"The teacher speaks at first" doesn't mean the same thing as "The teacher speaks first"; it means that the teacher begins by speaking and then presumably goes on to do something else. I think the French is just saying "The teacher speaks first", as in, the teacher is the first one to speak.


Why is professor nit accepted for professeur?


It is accepted.

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