"I do not eat salt."

Translation:Jag äter inte salt.

January 3, 2015

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Why is inte not placed right in front of äter? I thought the 'not' is mostly about the verb and not about the salt.


Would sound a bit like saying "I not do eat salt".

Important rule to know in Swedish is that generally speaking the inflected verb will always be the second unit in the sentence if it's not a yes-no question.


What is the difference between 'inte' and 'ej'? It doesn't mean the same thing?


ej means exactly the same as inte, but it's a bit more formal. It's sometimes used on signs because it's shorter: Ej i trafik 'Not in traffic' on buses and so on.


What does sålt mean in swedish? My autocorrect on my Phone keeps trying to change salt to sålt.


I hate that I have to remember to swap do not eat to eat do not when translating to Swedish. I'll get it though.


Or just think you're speaking all old-fashioned. "I eat not salt."

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