"Det ligger flera bondgårdar längs vägen."

Translation:There are several farms along the road.

January 3, 2015

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I would think "Det finns många bondgårdar längs vägen" would be needed for "there are...". For "Det ligger..." I simply thought it would be "Many farms are situated along the road." So, det ligger is just a fixed expression, similar to det finns? And difference?

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    Think of more formal English "There lie many farms...". This construction is far more common in Swedish. Using "ligga"/"stå" when describing where things are situated is very common in Swedish. "Skåne ligger i Sverige" for "Skåne is (located) in Sweden".


    Even still, the dictionary hover answer for "det" here suggests "the" not "there". I reported it though.

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      It is difficult because "det" does not translate to "there" in any isolated sense of the world. It is the constructions correspond but not the individual words.

      When learning any language you should not expect perfect 1-to-1 mappings on the word level.


      I wrote situated along the road yet was given incorrect but ligger is situated !


      Can we use de ligger instead of det ligger?


      Why not "there is several farms along the road"


      since the word farm is plural, hence the verb should be "are" instead of "is"


      Whats wrong with 'street' for 'vägen' instead of road????


      väg = road, gata = street, allé = avenue

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