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WP8 App For Duolingo!

Hi Guys,

I've seen there are duolingo Apps for both iOS and Andriod, I was wondering when we can expect an App for Windows Phone 8?

I've just started learning French but I do not always have access to my laptop. It would be of great benefit if I could learn on the go!

All the Best,

July 23, 2013



Luis has previously answered this. They're planning a Commodore 64 release before any Windows Phone version.


In other words, don't hold your breath.


Hmm, disappointing.


I would like to see an explanation on why. As I said before, the WP8 mobile platform is expanding and its market share is increasing. A lot of people would benefit from it now, and in the future.


About 2.9% of people might benefit from it now, according to http://techcrunch.com/2013/05/14/android-nearly-75-of-all-smartphones-shipped-in-q1-samsung-tops-30-mobile-sales-overall-nearly-flat-says-gartner/ (slightly below Blackberry). Not really worth doing a port for it until it actually achieves significant market share -- especially considering that by that point there will also be some new contenders in the market, like Sailfish, Firefox, and Ubuntu.

Rate of growth doesn't really mean much here. If I write my own mobile OS today and run it on my handset, then convince two friends to run it tomorrow -- wow, that's a 200% increase in market share overnight! The total user base is still only 3 people though.


Your example is needlessly simplified. The number of WP8 phones sold is about 7 million right now.


Windows Phone 8 isn't very popular so this will probably take a while. I googled it (http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57591582-93/smartphone-market-share-consolidates-at-top-study-shows/) and according to that page, Android has 52.4% of the smartphone market, iOS 39.2%, and Microsoft 3.0%.

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