"You must not drink alcohol."

Translation:Du får inte dricka alkohol.

January 3, 2015

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Am I right in thinking that "Du måste inte..." would mean something closer to "You do not have to/are not forced to..."?


I'm having Swedish natives telling me the answer "du måste inte dricka alkohol" should be allowed, if no forther context is provided. Don't know what to think.

[deactivated user]

    "Ni får inte dricka alkohol." was marked wrong.

    I never report these in the comments section, but was wondering why have I reported dozens of times using the report button and never received any feedback like I do e.g in German course: "dear '....' You have suggested '....' as a translation to '...' We now accept this translation!"?

    And even when I get the same sentence weeks later I find that my suggestion is still not accepted?


    Well in that last case, if your suggestion still isn't accepted weeks later, it obviously hasn't been added yet so how could you have received the notification? The more general answer is probably that we have thousands of reports and we just haven't happened to get round to yours yet.

    [deactivated user]

      Sorry for the confusion, I think I wasn't very clear. I meant that sometime later after reporting, while doing a review exercise, I get the same phrase I had reported and the translation I had suggested for it is still not accepted.

      I just ran into this sentence again while reviewing the lesson and my suggestion is now accepted! =D

      Thanks for clarifying, Arnauti.


      Why cannot we say "Du måste inte dricka alkohol.", please ? I was marked wrong. :)

      [deactivated user]

        "You may not drink alcohol" and "You are not allowed to drink alcohol" are also acceptable translations for this sentence.


        Those are accepted answers, yes.


        Du ska inte dricka alkohol???


        You won't drink alcohol???


        Is Du får inte för att dricka alkohol 1. Just wrong. 2. Stupid. Or 3. A bag o' keech?


        It's wrong. "För att" has no place in that sentence, it would literally translate back to English as "You must not because drink alcohol."


        ok we are giving suggestion in this sentence but, får means both allowed to and also should? cant we use ska? or borde?

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