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"Siamo nella stanza degli specchi."

Translation:We are in the mirrors room.

July 23, 2013



I put "we are in the room of mirrors" which is a more acceptable and usual way of saying it, rather than 'room of THE mirrors' which is not a normal way of saying it, and I was marked wrong. Think they need to look at this and change it. Will report it.


Don't forget about me! Me too!


I put 'We are in the room of mirrors' and it was accepted. Sounds very Harry Potteresque!


They changed it and removed the extra "the" but didn't correct the answer.


it was corrected for me


I agree. Some of tgeir English translations are not very good.


And, 5 years later, me too, but it still hasn't been done. Typical.


I did the same, did you flag?


Is it just me or does "the mirrors room" sound quite ungrammatical in English?


Yes I don't think it is correct. English does not change the number of the adjective.


It's absolutely wrong in English. It should be "the room of mirrors", not even "the room of the mirrors", which is a literal translation and would never be used by a mother tongue English speaker.


The English '...mirrors room.' is wrong. DL please correct!


I totally agree. same here.


This question should accept various interpretations, such as "hall of mirrors".


I think "we are in the mirrored room" is both grammatically correct and lacks the awkardness of DL's accepted response.


"We are in the mirrors room" does not sound like a sentance to me, but it was the correct answer. Furthermore, the given italian sentance would have been correctly translated as "We are in the room of mirrors".


Your translation is bad English. (mirrors) should be (mirrors') as it is possessive. As an Englishman I find a lot of your English to be suspect. I hope your Italian is not likewise. A much better translation would be (the room of mirrors).


I put "we are in the room of mirrors" which is a more acceptable and usual way of saying it, rather than 'room of THE mirrors' which is not a normal way of saying it, and I was marked wrong. Think they need to look at this and change it. Will report it.


Well obviously all our reports have had an effect - they have now changed it, yay! "We are in the room of mirrors" is now accepted as correct. Still is a rather weird sentence though...


They changed it again and took away the "the." Now the only available answer is "mirrors room."


I wanted to write: "In the Hall of Mirrors." but stuck to room but "the" was wanted. I have reported both of Duos answers as incorrect. I wonder if all those who have recognized how bad they are have reported them. Many things have improved since I've been on Duo and reporting is one of the reasons.


I always report wrong English too, but they are desperately slow to accept correct British English usage.


Nobody would say "the mirrors room"! It sounds unbelievably clumsy. Despite the same comments being made five years ago, this rubbish is still here.


Due's "correct" translation is wrong...
[IT] Siamo nella stanza degli specchi. = [EN] We are in the mirrors' room.
Or: [EN] "We are in the room of mirrors." (which is preferable to mirrors' room)
The little apostrophe following mirrors is important.
That is how one signifies possessive for words that end with the plural 's'.
(One can say "the mirror room". Mirror being singular.)
Those are the answers if Duo wants the literal translation.
Of course, Galleria degli Specchi ¹ is called "Hall of Mirrors" in English.

¹ https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galleria_degli_Specchi


Whether one is learning Italian "from" English or English "from" Italian, it seems good for us to encounter difficult cases such as this one early, to increase one's caution about assuming one is making oneself clear. For what it's worth, what follows is everything I can think to say about talking in English about a room that contains mirrors.

If a room, one already known to both speaker and listener, were notable for containing one or more mirrors, I think we English speakers, or at least we American ones, would tend to refer to it as "the mirror room." In this construction, I don't think many of us would use the plural "mirrors", the possessive plural "mirrors'," or the participle "mirrored." But "the mirror room" has something of the feeling of an agreed proper name for a given room. In directing someone to an unfamiliar room that contains several mirrors, I think many of us would call it "the room with the mirrors." I think, "the room of mirrors" and "the room of the mirrors" sound as if they are agreed proper names: "the Room of Mirrors," "the Room of the Mirrors." Both sound elevated or formal.


What is a mirrors room? This sounds really weird.


Well a hall or room of mirrors is a standard carnival trope with a room with various mirrors that are distorted in the glass so that if you look in them you see yourself as short, tall, thin or fat depending on the mirror.


Is a house of mirrors the same thing? I wrote this but it was wrong.


A house would be bigger than a hall or room. It would involve multiple rooms and probably would involve the word 'casa' for house


Correct solution: We are in the mirrors room.

Good grief...


it's pigeon English - how can we guess how a foreigner will say it in English? It reminds me of Manuel (from Barcelona) in Faulty Towers :-)


What a stupid sentence. Who has ever said "We are in the mirrors room."?


That make absolutely no sense


Again, a translation of Italian into Italian. This makes no sense in English. No one would say this in English.


Try googling: Versaille Hall of Mirrors then click Images.


"Keep your hand at the level of your eyes!"


What is a mirrors room?You Italians are very wacky!! Please do some study in English before you make us learn this nonsense


Sorry to have to write this garbage to be able to move on


Non native in English I thought The Hall of Mirrors i Versailles was called The room of mirrors. No garbage room: http://thisisversaillesmadame.blogspot.com/2013/03/hall-of-mirrors.html?m=1


I put 'we are in the room with mirrors' - wrong.......


and I put 'we are in the room with the mirrors' ….also wrong


Nobody would ever say this. It's awkward in every way. It's just not English.


Should be mirrored. This is not proper English. Perhaps the developers would like some help with English??


"We are in the mirrors room" is absolutely NOT correct English! :/


Ecco che arrivano i pagliacci!


This is not how we say it in English. "The mirrors room.". What?!? We would say the room of mirrors or maybe the mirror room, but never the mirrors room.


Why isn't it "nello stanza" since stanza starts with an "s"?


Because 'lo' is used before masculine nouns that start with an s+consonant. And stanza is a feminine noun. So, la stanza, nella stanza. But lo specchio and nello specchio


It ends with an a, so it's feminine :-)


But careful not to overuse that rule! Doing so could be... un problema!


I was going for "dressing room" since the section is called 'household' and not 'ballet studio' or 'gym'


Why is it "degli specchi" and not "dei specchi"?


Because specchi begins with s+consonant and is masculine plural. And that puts it into the bits that have lo, gli and degli before it.

Lo specchio - the mirror

Gli specchi - the mirrors

Degli specchi - of the mirrors


I think "We are in the room of mirrors" may be a bit more dated but should be correct as well


I put "We are in the mirrored room"...because "the mirrors room" doesn't sound right at all to me.


What is the differnce between "stanza" amd "sala", please?


I was on a computer doing Duolingo when a question appeared saying that I have to say something correct so I pressed the microphone to record what I was going to say and it said on the screen that I had to do something to be able to use the microphone but it seemed to hard so I pressed the skip button and it said I was wrong. I think that when those questions appear ( With the microphone) it should have a button that says Or is it too loud (Or something like that) and if you press it it skips over it without saying your wrong.


De is of and gli is plural for the. Degli=of the


What is the difference of "nel" and " in"


What's wrong with the mirrors' room ?


Nothing. But, with the apostrophe, it was underlined as a typo. It probably is to do with the difference between UK English and USA English.


Yep. Gonna use that line often!


Cos'è una stanza degli specchi?


Reminds me of Bruce Lee


"we are in the hall of mirrors" should be the suggested translation, at least for British English. Calling it anything else sounds awkward.


I didn't realise I had wandered into Mirrors' room


I put "I am in the mirrors room" and that was marked wrong!?

  • Siamo nella stanza degli specchi = We are in the...
  • Sono nella stanza degli specchi = I am in the...


Lost a heart but i like that! I'm gonna start using it. "We are in the chocolate puddings room""We are in the Dog Baskets room"


Nobody would say that, and you don't have a comma in mirrors'


"in the mirrors room" is an awkward construction in English. "room of mirrors" or even "hall of mirrors" (a la Versailles palace) sounds much more acceptable in English even though it adds a preposition.


i was asked to speak this sentence, I did and was told I was wrong


we are in a room of mirrors


"We are in the room of THE mirrors" was accepted. I guess the first "the" was from "nella" and the second was from "degli" because nella = nel + la, and degli = del + gli.


This is nonsense in English. There used to be a "hall of mirrors" in fairgrounds ( and Palace of Versailles, I think) but I've never heard " the mirrors room" before.


i said we are in the room with the mirrors. it should be accepted


mirrors room is not correct: should be the room with mirrors. Please correct


In English, we would never say in the mirrors room, rather, room of mirrors.


OR - the mirrored room , of course that was not accepted either. Whether translating to English or Italian, the phraseology and grammar have to correct, not literal!


Please correct this. The English translation is wrong


What is wrong with ‘we are in the room of mirrors’?! In fact it’s better English then duolingos clumsy and grammatically incorrect mirrors room: it should be mirrors’ room! One wonders, Is duolingo Italian as patchy as Duolinguo English?


Is this like the Hall of Mirrors?


There is no "of" and no '


Random and Weird sentence, DL! Stop making us guess what the Heck you're trying to get us to translate... and I'm not talking about translating Italian to English. What is a "mirrors room" anyway??


Degli is of in English? The translation does not have the OF. Mirrors room, is not the way we would say in English. This phrase needs to be different.


Could duolingo employ people who actually speak good English?


It may be wrong in English, but this is an Italian course....


But, if you are translating into English, it has to be correct English!


there is no such thing as a "mirrors room" in the english speaking world. this is a categorically incorrect translation.


I put mirrored room. Marked incorrect!


Not good english


The "mirrors room" doesn't sound natural. I put the "mirrored room", but it was marked wrong

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