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Dutch placement test doesn't work?

I've just done the Dutch placement test twice (in Safari), and each time when I reach the end it just takes me back to the home screen again, still with the message: "Choose your path! Begineers start at Basics 1. Advanced learners take a short test. [Basics 1] OR [Placement test]"

Does this mean I didn't score highly enough on the placement test to place above Basics 1? Or is it not working properly? Has anyone else had this issue?

January 3, 2015



I just had the same problem doing the placement test for English (for Dutch speakers)


Did you just do it today? I had the same issue when taking the placement test for English for Korean Speakers early this afternoon...


Well I just tried it a third time and this time I did it using Chrome rather than Safari, and this time it worked (at the end of the test it gave me some points and placed me at level 6).

So perhaps the issue is with Safari? Not sure - but if anyone else gets the same problem might be worth trying Chrome and see if that works.


I've had the same problem. Every time if I had many good answers in a row, the Placement Test just stopped. But instead of the Placement Test you can do the test in every Checkpoint. Those test do work. And when you finished the last checkpoint, and you still want to learn the skills quicker, you just have to press the Test Out buttom within the skill. That's how I've finished my Dutch tree (because I'm Dutch :))


i've been having this problem with the english for french speakers course. i've tried it a dozen times over the last week.


Hi cherimoya!

The issue you're reporting is, most likely, a technical issue.
If you move your thread to the troubleshooting forum (by editing the topic of your post), you might be able to receive some better help (from the developers/staff). :)


Done! Thank you all for the replies and advice. :)

I did at least manage to get mine working by using a different browser (Chrome), but it still seems useful for other people and site developers to know about the the issue.


I've had the same problem with the German placement test. I've taken it 5 times over the space of 4 weeks and each time it just stops about halfway through and returns to the home screen.

Tried with IE, Chrome and FF

EDIT: Just tried again in IE and it worked fine.


I just tried doing the placement test and duo lingo just keeps asking me the same question (the first) over and over and over again.

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