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"We are searching for information about the supply and demand of toothpaste."

Translation:Wij zoeken informatie over vraag en aanbod van tandpasta.

January 3, 2015



How come supply and demand is translated as vraag en anboond? Why are the corresponding words interchanged? It's confusing especially when trying to make a structurally consistent translation.


It's a set expression in English supply and demand, and a set expression in Dutch vraag en aanbod.


Well it's easy enough to memorize, since you ask "een vraag" when you are looking for something you want to buy ;)


The translation is almost correct. It should be "... DE vraag en HET aanbod..." .


Actually we treat vraag en aanbod as one word, as in english. So we don't say informatie over de vraag en het aanbod. It's not completely wrong, but we'd say informatie over het vraag en aanbod.


Your explanation is clear enough

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