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  5. "The man does not eat fish."

"The man does not eat fish."

Translation:Manden spiser ikke fisk.

January 3, 2015



I was thinking of "ikke" and checked on this "does not" and the translation said "gør" so I wrote the sentence with gør aaaaand it's wrong because I should use ikke. Are you kidding me duo? What is the difference between those two words?


In English we use the word 'to do' as a help verb, but Danish does not do that. So take this example - 'I do not speak Danish' = 'Jeg taler ikke dansk', which is literally translated as 'I speak not Danish'...Danish and Swedish do not use the help verb 'to do' in the same way as English. Think of the archaic English phrase 'I care not'...our grammar has evolved since then but Scandinavian language has retained that form. Instead of saying 'I care not', in English we now say 'I do not care'....but Danish still keeps the old grammar form....Jeg taler ikke, Jeg spiser ikke etc. I don't know if it is the same in Danish, but in Swedish 'gör' is used to mean 'to make', or 'to do' e.g - Vad gör du idag = What are you doing today? SO they use it as an actual verb, not a helping one.


Manden spiser ingen fisk should also be correct


That would be "The man does not eat any fish."

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