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"Are we playing in the garden?"

Translation:Zijn wij in de tuin aan het spelen?

January 3, 2015



Is it more common in Dutch to say «Zijn wij in de tuin aan het spelen?» or «Zijn wij aan het spelen in de tuin?»? .. Or is it just a matter of taste?


Much more common to say the first, but the meaning is also slightly different. The first puts the emphasis of the question on the garden, while the latter puts the emphasis on the act of playing.


Ah okay, that makes sense. So it mostly depends on what you want to stress. Thanks, mate! (:


And 'we' sound more natural than 'wij'. 'Wij' stresses more on the person instead of playing in the garden. In this sentence you'd never hear a child say 'wij'. But it's minor :)


Dank je wel! I'll integrate that into my Dutch. (:


Dependent on the context, can you also say: "Spelen we in de tuin?"(e.g. in stead of "in the park?")


Zij we aan het spelen in de tuin -> also accepted.

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