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  5. "Jag bor i området."

"Jag bor i området."

Translation:I live in the area.

January 3, 2015



I say "omrade= area" several times but i feel that word new every time.. I made a good way to remember that. om= if, rade=road.. "if" it is a road, it is an area(= omrade) :)


"Om" in this case means something like "around" like in surrounding something, the opposite of being within or inside. For example it's also in words/phrases as "omkring" (which also means around but is used in other situations, literally it means "around around" :| ), "omnejd", "hålla om" etc. I think of "om" as when something is "om" something else it's like the thing which is "om" is embracing the other thing.


Oh, I see.For your warm explantion... I memorize omrade tightly.. Tack


området sounds something like omdårnet

...am i very wrong? XD


The melody is tiny bit off but it sounds OK to me.


coming across this now a few times from practice and I can hear it more like it is XD


Melody refers to music.


Melody is both a word in music and language.


My mother tongue is English and I've only ever heard melody used in reference to music. I was just trying to help because I've been given lots of help on Duolingo so I want to give some back. :)


Perhaps you are not as much of an expert in language and linguistics as the excellent moderators here?


It makes sense here, although of course it's much more familiar in reference to music (we just discuss music a lot more than the sound of language). 'Cadence' would also work, and that's another musical term.


Bor was also used to mean "stay" in the context of hotels. Would "I am staying in the area" be an acceptable answer here?


Why not "I reside in the area"?


Why not a dozen other variations, like abide or dwell? I think using the most straightforward commonly used English language should be sufficient to teach Swedish, especially for ESL learners, not to go through the thesaurus.


I guess one could also say "I live in the surroundings"

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