"Jag bor i området."

Translation:I live in the area.

January 3, 2015

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I say "omrade= area" several times but i feel that word new every time.. I made a good way to remember that. om= if, rade=road.. "if" it is a road, it is an area(= omrade) :)


"Om" in this case means something like "around" like in surrounding something, the opposite of being within or inside. For example it's also in words/phrases as "omkring" (which also means around but is used in other situations, literally it means "around around" :| ), "omnejd", "hålla om" etc. I think of "om" as when something is "om" something else it's like the thing which is "om" is embracing the other thing.


Oh, I see.For your warm explantion... I memorize omrade tightly.. Tack


området sounds something like omdårnet

...am i very wrong? XD


The melody is tiny bit off but it sounds OK to me.


coming across this now a few times from practice and I can hear it more like it is XD

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