"Vilken bra ansökning!"

Translation:What a good application!

January 3, 2015

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Is that like a college application? Like a domain of application for a technology? Or like the Duolingo mobile application?


It's to make an application for something. For exemple when you send your CV to someone you want to work for. So it's the first of your exemples.


I'm becoming an enormous fan of the Swedish discussions! All my questions answered before I know to ask them!


Nothing to add here. Just wanted to add my two cents - this is a fantastic course. I am so glad I found it and so grateful to the very tolerant moderators!


I feel like this is kinda a dumb question this far into the course... but I will ask it anyway! When do we know to choose to use "vilken" rather than "vad" in these situations.

I correctly translated it back to English because "Which good application" simply doesn't make sense but I worry that I will not be able to recognise situations that require vilken when going from engelska till svenska.

Is this just one of those things (like picking the right preposition!) where you need to practice and be familiar with the usage or is there some rule that would help? Or have I really missed something somewhere?!


I googled around and found this: https://blogs.transparent.com/swedish/swedish-exclamations-using-vad-and-vilken/

Essentially, use vilken to say "what a....." (What a cool house! Vilket häftigt hus!)

Use vad to say "how....." (How cool! Vad häftigt!)

Vad häftigt är det? :)


“Vad häftigt är det?” doesn’t sound good though. You either say “Vad häftigt det är!”, meaning” How cool it is!”, or “Hur häftigt är inte det?”, literally “How cool is not that?”, meaning “How cool is that?” or “Isn’t that cool?”

Btw, you can also say “coolt” instead of “häftigt” if you want to, we use “cool” (and conjugate it into “coolt” in neutrum) in Swedish too.


Can we also say ansökan? Is there any difference?


Ansökan works too. It's the same.


Can anyone explain to me why my translating it to "what a NICE application" wouldn't work?


"What good application! " as in hard work?


No, as in that you've (for example) written a good application for a work or something like that. Application as in CV or suchlike.


And what about "what a good request!"?


Request is a pretty general term. When it comes to paperwork or bureaucracy, which this lesson is related to, there are probably other terms that would be used. For example, a written request is sometimes referred to as a requisition. In the context of applying for membership in an institution, such as a university, I would use application.


Would "En sådan bra ansökning!" also mean the same thing?


It would work in spoken Swedish if you say "En sån bra ansökning!" ("sån" = "så'n" = "sådan", common to shorten it in spoken Swedish), but it's uncommon to say like that. "Vilken bra ansökning" is way more common.


Sort of, but it sounds a little odd on its own.


If this were about finding a new job could the english translation be "what a good solicitation" ?


I wouldn't. We usually call it an application. It accompanies (or perhaps is combined with) your résumé (or your CV). Perhaps one could say "good submission". In some circumstances "good petition" would work.
Solicitation is usually used to refer to something a salesman is doing (or without context probably refers to a prostitute negotiating a 'sale'. )


I'm gonna hope that I will hear that when I apply for a job in Sverige


I wrote: what a nice application. And it was incorrect. Is it so wrong to say bra and mean nice? Does it only mean good?

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