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Viewing "DISCUSSION" during timed practice - a suggestion.

sometimes in the middle of timed practice, after posting a wrong answer, i want to read the discussion about it, but the timer keeps on running, and when it is finished, it closes the page and I cannot keep reading. maybe you should pause the clock while I read the discussion?

July 23, 2013



I know this has been suggested on a number of occasions but I agree that it would be very useful. I have stopped using the timed practice for the majority of the time, especially on vocab i struggle with, so I have time to read the discussions and digest.


I've seen this suggestion too, many times. What is the status? Never? Not now? In the works?


The timer should auto-stop as soon as you get an incorrect answer and continue when the next question starts. Not just because of the discussion thread but because you're not learning anything if you can't see where your mistake was.


I'm rather anxious now for a review of all my bad answers, together with a link to the discussion AFTER the timed practice. This is becoming more important as I've gotten into the more advanced stuff, where I often barely have time to type the correct answer. I don't pause for even a split second to see what was wrong with my answers. The mid-lesson review has become worthless to me

I definitely do not want the timer to pause. If I don't want the timer to pressure me, I will do my practice without a timer.


Completely agree. I actually suggested this on another thread earlier today, i didn't notice that you had made one. Good idea to make a thread for this! Sort it out Duo!


Would be nice if one of the duolingo team would answer this.

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