"En restaurang"

Translation:A restaurant

January 3, 2015

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My terrible spelling is doing me no favors here


Why is it 'one' restaurant instead of 'a' restaurant?

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    en/ett are both the number one and the indefinite article, so it can mean either.

    Usually in speech the en/ett is stressed if it is a number, unstressed if the article.


    Either way, it still denotes that there is only one that they are referring to, so it shouldn't be a problem.


    Is there a word for 'one' -- 'one' out of many?


    Is the 'a' dropped in 'restaurang'? Sounds like "res-tu-rang" to me..

    [deactivated user]

      In careful speech, the diphthongs are pronounced, but very commonly, yes, the a is dropped and it is just a short 'o' sound (Swedish 'o', not English)


      Is the 'g' pronounced like 'ya'? I'm hearing 'restauranya'.

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        No. "ng" is pronounced as in English, however.


        Or ''ng'' is pronounced like Spanish ''ñ''?

        [deactivated user]

          No, "ng" is pronounced as in English, as in "hanger" (not but "finger").


          To pronounce 'r-' in 'en restaurang' I have to make 'spanish r-' sound? (the trolling R sound') and do I have to speak like this when I pronounce every 'R'-initial-word?


          It's more of a tap sound in Swedish. Here's a link to a longer discussion about it: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5522768


          Now I can get it. Tack!! :)


          Can anyone explain how the letter "g" ended up on the end of the word? English, Danish, Norwegian are all content to keep the letter "t" at the end of the word after borrowing it from French.


          Swedish used to spell it with a t as well, and though very old-fashioned it's not quite archaic yet. But the French pronunciation is much closer to the Swedish "ng" than to the Swedish "nt", so I imagine it didn't take much for the spelling to change.


          how does thi go through the world like this its simialar


          I'm sorry, what do you mean?


          i ean why do they have the same word


          Do you mean why "restaurant" is the same in Swedish and English (but with different spellings)? Many words exist in multiple languages. Loans are everywhere, and the closer two languages are to each other, the more loans you'll find. English and Swedish are pretty close, so we have loads of these. In the case of "restaurant", both languages got it from French.


          cool so its like german and swedish sound the same right


          They're pronounced somewhat differently, but basically, yeah. By the way, please press "reply" under the comment you're replying to, that way your reply will go into the right place in the thread. :)


          ok i clicked reply so there the same


          Does she say "restaurani"??


          I translate it to English, but was told each time that I wrote in English, not Swedish... ans after I typed in Swedish, answer was wrong


          Duo asked me to translate from Swedish. I didn't see the question before answering and typed "en restaurang" after listening to the audio. Duo accepted it. Lmaoo


          I typed 'cant hear now' and got 1 heart deducted! What is that? I couldn't hear it and didn't type anything


          Wow, It has a lot similarities with English!

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