"Sem o frango não teria havido o ovo."

Translation:Without the chicken there would not have been the egg.

July 23, 2013

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PLease i think this is correct, some ideas?

Without the chicken there would'nt have been egg


Your sentence is not correct English. This is referencing the old joke which refers to THE chicken and THE egg.


egg is used in a general sense so there is no need to add the. I think they wanted a more literal translation though (also to match an common saying - "with the article"). Anyway, a good help is reporting ;)


You need the article with "egg." It sounds weird without it.


On top of what others have said, it's spelled "wouldn't".

... To add to the chicken/egg thing, the sentence without definite articles sounds odd, because this is something we hear all the time growing up ("Which came first the chicken or the egg?"), so the definite articles appear more natural. For "chicken" you almost have to have the article or it sounds like cooked chicken (of some type... and once they are cooked, they can't really lay eggs). The egg doesn't absolutely have to have a definite article, but to make it sound ok to our ears you could say it "Without the chicken there would have been no egg." otherwise egg also sounds like the food (like a cooked egg kind of like chicken without the "the"... at least, it sounds odd) rather than the thing a chicken lays.. Even though it still does make sense (as "Without the chicken there wouldn't have been egg") it just sounds really odd. Another way to say it that makes sense (to my ears) would be with plurals "Without chickens there wouldn't have been eggs." However, this doesn't match the Portuguese very well, so they probably will not ever accept that.

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