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"He collects a sample of our cows."

Translation:Hij neemt een monster van onze koeien.

January 3, 2015



I thought at first this should be 'verzamelen' instead of 'nemen' but I don't think the collector is KEEPING the sample, just taking it. This is collision of the two terms in English.


Indeed, 'verzamelt' implies that he is keeping the samples, as a hobby or something, just like people collect foreign coins. Correct would be to use 'nemen'


Yes, this 'collect' is about choosing some cows and taking them, whereas 'verzamelen' is closer to 'to gather' in English.


Surely it ought to be 'from' rather than 'of'?!


It depends. A sample of our cows is also legitimate; it just suggests that he collects one or more of our cows.

  • 1877

Which is probably not what was supposed to happen!


Or he takes a biopsy from one of them :p


The Dutch translation makes clear that the original English should have been "He takes a sample FROM our cows", not "OF our cows".

Because of the bad English, my translation was "Hij neemt een steekproef van onze koeien", which was marked incorrect.


The English version "he collects a sample of our cows" literally means he takes some cows - the cows are the sample. I guess he takes them away in a big truck. Whereas the sentence "he collects a sample from our cows" could mean he collects eg blood or something else from the cows. Which does the dutch sentence (which uses "van") mean.


Whats wrong with "Hij neemt een staal van onze koeien"?

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