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"De unge bliver ikke født af mænd."

Translation:The young are not born by men.

January 3, 2015


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huh? i don't get literal meaning here.

January 3, 2015


I believe it means that men do not give birth to children.

February 27, 2015


Børn of men would be better, of old-fashioned, or born from men, or birthed by men.

August 12, 2016


I think a better translation would be: The young are not born of men.

August 6, 2017


It should be 'borne by men' (or 'born of men')

June 21, 2017


This sentence sounds very archaic - "born of woman" per Will Shakespeare - so born OF men should be accepted!!

May 28, 2017


I looked at the comments to see how people had dealt with bluver. I saw it and thought it is out of place so clixked on it and it gave no indication to leave out. So my mistake was to add being in the sentence. How can one know when bliver is implied in English but written in Danish?

February 23, 2019


I have beared children in the past, they were always on my back. As a matter of fact I am still bearing them as I am still paying, Shakey!

December 31, 2017


What does this mean?

March 9, 2017
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