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brand new learning swedish! need tips.

hey all of you out there. i just started duolingo today, january 3rd. i could use some tips if you have any, like how to remember when to do "en man" and when to do "mannen".

January 3, 2015



I go through and complete the lessons, then I will do Timed Practice until I can make it through with 20 correct answers. It helps me retain the vocabulary.


en man = a man mannen = the man


What I usually do is write down the words that confuse me on a piece of paper. Then I translate/explain them so that I have a goto for whenever I get them mixed up. On the paper I can then clearly see the differences and the different meanings. :)


Just keep doing lessons! Even if you find you are getting a lot wrong at first, don't be discouraged! Eventually things you found difficult will become easy and you will find new things to be challenged by. I was also really thrown by the different way of saying indefinite/definite nouns (en man, a man and mannen, the man) but now it feels very natural. I also supplement with other ways of learning swedish (babbel, parallel translation books, pimsleur) and it still took me a long time to feel like I was making progress. Stick with it!

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