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Can see myself approaching a point of no further progress..

...which might again highlight the limits of the present system. I've been loyally translating as well as practicing, but I've reached the "past tenses" stage, which are structured in a way that makes it impossible to learn them AND to get through them.

I can see myself giving up altogether. If the carrot to keep us translating is by offering us a sense of progression, then this is starting to fail.

Perhaps Duolingo is better suited to people who are already learning French and want to get some extra practice, but this severely limits its appeal.

November 5, 2012



What is the problem exactly?


I feel like I'm going to be coming up again this myself shortly, and it's a little frustrating. Essentially, there is no actual teaching going in the French section of Duolingo. German has it, and a believe Spanish does as well, but in French all the learner faces is test after test after test. Rather than being taught the rule of the languages, one simply finds oneself learning the dozen or so phrases from these tests rote in order to pass them, which is not learning at all.


Thanks for the link, mhanra, I'll give it a try. Obviously it's a bit pointless to complain about something that is free, but I really wanted it to work. At any rate, Duolingo can be useful to pick up some vocabulary, if nothing else.

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