"De hoppar."

Translation:They are jumping.

January 4, 2015

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If hoppar is "jumping". Would hopp be "jump"?



Furthermore, hopp also means hope.


"De hoppar." = "They jump." or "They are jumping."

"hoppa" = "to jump"

"ett hopp" = a jump or a hope

https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hoppa#Swedish to jump

https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hopp#Swedish noun: hope or jump (ett)

https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hoppas to hope


Hoppar just sounds so funny to me... 'Hop!' is a word (exclamation) we use in Polish when jumping over something (but 'to jump' is "skakac") to emphasize (usually jokingly) how small the jump is.


"de" sounded like "don" is that correct?


It's correct, except it's dom, not don.


Yes, it's completely correct. You can compare it with recording of one native Swedish speaker there http://forvo.com/word/de#sv


I tried dom hoppar, but it was not accepted.


yeah i think it is an issue with this specific kind of sentences where you can only answer "de" even though the tts says "dom" or at least i keep hearing dom in every of these sentences.


Exactly, there's a bug that prevents us from accepting any kind of spelling variation in the listen and type exercises. Nothing we can do about it. Anyway de is the normal spelling and dom is mainly used in informal writing.


Is that really true? I seem to recall that in French listening exercises for example you could type il mange or ils mangent.


That's probably because "il mange" (he eats) and "ils mangent" (they eat) are both perfectly correct, standard French. The case of, say "dom äter", though, is quite different. Writing "dom" for the standard "de" (even if it's more often than not pronounced "dom" in practice) is an example of setting out deliberately to indicate that you are using the spoken register (compare English "Tell 'em who you are") -- rather as if you were to write "y mange" (which is how it's frequently said) for "il mange"; I very much doubt that French duolingo would accept that!


There's a big difference between how the original "in house" courses (like French) and the incubated courses (like ours) work, so that's probably why.

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    How would you say "they hop"?


    That could also be "de hoppar", or "de skuttar", which is generally kind of like a smaller jump.


    Does anyone else have problem with this phrase? I said they jump and it gives me error


    Unfortunately, Duolingo bugs out sometimes - only very rarely, but it does happen. Restarting the lesson tends to work right away.


    hej allihopa, de hoppar i engelska är "They are jumping". det är riktig!

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