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"Quiero que bebas ese jugo de fruta."

Translation:I want you to drink that fruit juice.

5 years ago



The audio was hard to understand. I thought it said "este", but it was "ese"

3 years ago


In Spain I've only ever encountered 'zumo' to mean juice. Should I consider 'jugo' as equally likely to occur? Is it a dialect thing?

2 years ago


Yeah, zumo in Spain, jugo elsewhere.

2 years ago


Thanks :-)

2 years ago


If i wanted to avoid the subjunctive (because i'm struggling with it!!!), can i say 'Te quiero beber ese zumo de fruta'? Would it still basically mean the same???

5 years ago


no. following "quiero que" , you must use subjunctive.

The only exception is if there is no change of subject. If you want yourself to drink the juice. "Quiero beber el jugo de fruta" I want to drink the fruit juice. But if it expressing your desire that someone else do something, then you must use subjunctive

5 years ago


I don't think so (hunch, not knowledge) . "te quiero" has romantic overtones and you still have the problem of two subjects, two verbs, and uncertainty. I'd go with an imperative "Drink that juice!!" "Bebe ese jugo!" ;)

5 years ago

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You could avoid the subjunctive by asking "Do you want to drink that fruit juice?" = Quieres beber ese zumo/jugo de fruta? or using the imperative.

5 months ago


According to my grammar book, that should be "bebe" not "bebas". If the statement was negative, it would be "bebas". A positive, familiar command or wish is the same as the 3rd person singular of the present tense.

3 years ago


"Bebas" is the 2nd person subjunctive

The "querer que" is a lead-up to the use of the subjunctive.

Bebas is correct.

3 years ago


I want that you drink that fruit juice. Not accepted--why?

3 months ago