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Suggestion: Grouping infinitives & conjugations

I am currently learning Verbs: Present 1 in Italian, and I have already passed several verb practices in Spanish. As I'm learning them, it makes more sense to me to make connections between the infinitives of the word and the conjugations of all the pronouns. So far, especially in Italian, I've encountered many different verbs in only a few forms for each lesson (either first person singular or third person singular), I either don't remember them or I can't link the irregulars together.

My suggestion is, for the practices with verbs, each lesson should have only a few different verbs but all conjugations for each. For example, in one lesson in Spanish, one lesson would focus on the verbs comer, dormir, and hablar. Then it would take me through all the conjugations for each pronoun, allowing easier repetition.

I'm aware of the "practice this specific vocabulary word" function in my Duolingo "words learned so far," but it's difficult to group all the conjugations together into one smooth practice. Some verbs I've learned only allow me to practice two conjugation forms (first person singular and third person singular).

What do you think?

July 23, 2013


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