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  5. "I am at the location."

"I am at the location."

Translation:Ik ben op de locatie.

January 4, 2015



Why not "ik sta" instead of "ik ben"?


What is the difference "op" and "om"? I know they both can mean "at" but I don't see my answer wasn't accepted because I used "om".


this sounds like something you'd hear in some kind of crime film, mostly from the bad cop. Ik ben op de locatie. AAAAAAND STUFF EXPLODES. I will never forget this particular sentence XD


Now it is "op de locatie" but there was no article in the last one...eg "op het kantoor." Why is that? ...its het being weird isnt it :(


Nope, it's a case of omission of definite articles.

In certain idioms in Dutch, the definite article can be omitted. Usually after prepositions. Here are some examples:

aan tafel = at the table op tafel = on the table op kantoor= at the office naar kantoor= to the office op straat = in the street op zolder = in the attic in bad= in the bath in huis= in the house naar zee= to the seaside aan zee = at the seaside op internet = on the internet met mes en vork= with a knife and fork

This is only for certain idioms. Nothing to do with the gender of the word


In your examples, "op de locatie" and "op het kantoor", both have articles, "de" and "het." They mean the same thing, "the." It depends on the gender of the noun: de locatie, de stad, de plaats, het kantoor, het park, het centrum. The location, the city, the town, the office, the park, the center.


why not ik sta or ik zit instead of ik ben?

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