"Vi hviler os."

Translation:We are resting.

January 4, 2015



I find this really confusing. Why is it that you say "vi hviler os" and not "vi hviler" but on the other hand you say "han hviler" and not "han hviler sig"?

February 6, 2015


I would like to know this as well.

July 2, 2015


Hi, I am not a dane neither i have very good dansk skills. But according to a danish grammar book, reflexive pronouns are used when the subject and the object are the same person.[...]

In this case, MAYBE, the meaning of the sentence does not mean "he rests himself" or "he rests", like to have some quite time, in which case "sig" would be necessary. Maybe the meaning is like the 2.a or 2.b of ordnet: http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?select=hvile,2&query=hvil

Please don't take this as a correct answer, but maybe it brings some useful information.

July 3, 2015


This is one of the reasons why this lesson should have Tips & Notes XD

February 6, 2015


Is this reflexive?

January 4, 2015


It sounds like it it should be...

May 25, 2015


Would a correct translation also be "We are resting ourselves?"

February 28, 2016


It would be great to get an explanation on why "Vi hviler os" and an earlier example says "Han hviler"!?

June 22, 2018


Would is also be possible to say "vi hviler ham" or "vi hviler hestene"?

February 6, 2015


How can you rest someone? The English sentences "we rest the horses" or "we rest him" make no sense, I don't see why they would in Danish.

April 6, 2015


They make sense to me. "We rest the horses" is a present tense version of something like "After a long ride they rested the horses". I suppose it might make more sense as "We are resting the horses" (because they have been ridden a lot recently), or "we are resting him" (fx. a sports player who has been injured), but they are still understandable to me.

April 6, 2015


Those sentences make sense in US english. It would help if people stop thinking they know what all english speakers use in every english apeaking country.

February 5, 2016


What about : You put him to rest ?

June 23, 2019


I don't understand the addition of os

November 24, 2017


Me too. ^_^

December 23, 2017


Its reflexive I guess. Just one of those weird phrases you gotta learn.

July 22, 2018
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