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  5. "The farmer produces cheese."

"The farmer produces cheese."

Translation:Bonden tillverkar ost.

January 4, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Why is "alstrar" in this situation not correct?


    Alstra is used quite much only for electricity. It sounds very awkward to say it about cheese.

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    "producerar" was accepted, is it a synonym or is the meaning slightly different, or is it less used..?


    Tillverkar = till (in the direction of) + verkar (seem) ??? I must be missing something here...


    ‘att verka’ can be used for ‘to seem’ or ‘to have the appearance of’, but can also be translated as ‘to work’ or ‘to act’ in the sense of ‘perform some action on’ (and apparently is also used to refer to the activity of trimming a horse’s hooves in preparation for shoeing). It’s that ‘to act’ sense that’s being used here, not ‘to seem’.


    Would odlaren be a valid substitute for bonden here?

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