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"I hope that I will be sitting next to you tomorrow morning."

Translation:Jag hoppas att jag kommer att sitta bredvid dig i morgon bitti.

January 4, 2015



can't i say "jag hoppas att jag ska sitta bredvid dig i morgon bitti"?


No, ska often carries some sort of intention, and if you’re hoping something, you’re not in charge of what is going to happen.


So it would be like saying "I hope that I intend to sit next to you tomorrow morning"?


What is "bitti"? Why is it at the end of the sentence?


The original meaning was "in the right time". That meaning gradually shifted to "early", since it was used for being on time. Hence:

  • i morgon = tomorrow
  • i morgon bitti = tomorrow morning


I wrote „jag hoppas att jag kommer att sitta bredvid er i morgon bitti“ and it was marked wrong. Did I mess up the plural or is this sentence just missing in the pool of right answers?


First time i see bredvid. How does it differ from vid ?


Why isn't "nästa" work here?


nästa means next as in the next one in a succession. It can't be used to mean being next to something.

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