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  5. "Caithimid na léinte."

"Caithimid na léinte."

Translation:We wear the shirts.

January 4, 2015



Can someone point me to a discussion for how to form plurals of words? So far, I'm pretty much just been memorizing (or, well, writing down in my notebook) the plurals of words when they show up in questions, but I'm not seeing a consistent set of rules for how to make a word plural, so it's all just guesswork.


I wonder if léine is somehow related to English "linen" and French "lin" and comes from PIE *līno- "flax"...


Are shirts always plural? Are pants always plural? Would I always put na in front of those words for the shirts and the pants?

  • 1452

"The shirt" - An léine
"The shirts" - Na léinte
"The (pair of) trousers" - An bríste
"The (pairs of) trousers" - Na brístí


Ah yes, very good, that makes perfect sense now. I think I got a bunch "na leinte" exercises in a row which left me overloaded with shirts. Thank you for clearing that up.

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